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He Has Bad Sexual Prowess

It would be the greatest tragedy for someone into a relationship when you find the one he almost perfect but is not good in bed. The sad part of this scenario is that no-one is ever ready to deal with this kind of situation.
I’m a huge fan of romantic movies and novels, I watch the movies on my days off and take the book with me when I work at charlotte London escorts agency. Most of the scenes were all about having a perfect man for them, and they are pleased to see. Making love is such a wonderful feeling that I told myself that sex is great and fantastic when you look at them.

But what surprises me is that what I’ve seen in the movies does not mirror in reality when I have this man in my life now and that he is so perfect as a boyfriend, not as a lover. He is the sweetest and most caring boyfriend, we met after my shift at the London escorts agency and we fell in love straight away. He buys me flowers, he makes me laugh all the time, friendly, and hot, but there is this one thing that makes it very annoying to know.

Looking back, the first time I met him, I met him at a bar after my shift at London escorts. We talked, and I found him very hot. The hottest man I have ever met in my life. After that, we had our first magical date. We exchange private messages, and he asks me if we could meet again. I got very excited and feels the butterflies flying on my stomach; I think I like him.

From that on, we exclusively dated, we went to excellent restaurants while holding my hands he is so sweet, clingy and knowing him more makes me fall in love with him eventually. As time passes by, the night has come for sexual tension. I am looking forward to it, and it makes me believe that this night would be a great night. But I am just fooling myself. It was a terrible and awkward night ever in my life.
I never told him what is going on. It happened repeatedly, and I always keep myself fooling around, for I don’t want to offend him. I am not that sexually active, but he is kind of a different man. He will reach his orgasm all of a sudden then I am left behind. I wouldn't say I like it; I find it irritating. It irritates me that he looks so hot, yet he is so bad in bed. I feel the need to tell him before things will get worst.
At first, I found it so hard to tell him, but what shocks me is that he is open to it; he helps me overcome such hunger. We read books and watch tutorials that would help us overcome our shortcomings for our sexual concerns.
It is not a good start as always, but we go through the process, we learn to listen and give value to the needs of each other, and we eventually enjoy bed together no one is left behind. Now we could say that we have a perfect relationship.

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